karaoke_mom (karaoke_mom) wrote in techlovers,

Cry for Help, Updated

OK, here are the new details about this years show.
The next rehearsal is Jan. 28th, after that is Super Bowl Sunday with an afternoon rehearsal (Bowl party to follow) then the ball gets rolling Feb 11th and every Sunday till show weekend. (except Easter weekend)
Now, Tech does not need to attend every rehearsal, I can be your 'go-between' and pass along info. Rehearsals in May, Tech Day, and Show weekend are the mandatory days. I can provide crashing space on the weekends for those who live outside Oak Park & Elmwood Park.
I'm still looking for a sound person and lighting person.
Here's a few more details about the job for those who are seriously interested. Both the Sound and Lighting people will have to provide the equipment needed for good sound and proper lighting. It's a lot to ask but you can talk with our Director about how to do get some of the rental fee back via your Tax return. Tech folk will also have to put together their own tech script. If advice is needed for this I have someone you can talk to.
We are a fun bunch of people. We love what we do and it benefits a
great school/parish, St. William. Good times had by all!

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