karaoke_mom (karaoke_mom) wrote in techlovers,

Cry for help

I am part of a theater group that does a yearly show and have done very well over the last 22 years. Unfortunately, the two guys who have helped us the past 4 years are unable to help this year. 
SO! Anyone out there with Lighting and Sound experience, who doesn't mind working for free, Please contact me as soon as you can for more details. Also check out the link below for more info on the group and the new show. If anyone IS interested and is available this Sunday, Jan 7th, there is kick-off meeting regarding the show which is May 18-19.
We are a fun group of people that love to entertain. 
:)  -Kate-

 Http://community.webtv.net/HarlemNights4/THEHARLEMNIGHTS - The link to the site if you would like to know more
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