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Free Shipping On Techie T-Shirts!

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It's that time of year! When all the parents go broke trying to outfit their kids with all the gadgets and gizmos they absolutely HAVE to have to impress their friends and when all of next season's influx of hopeful techies begin their learning in the higher educational settings.

That's right, it's Back To School Time! Some of us attended the School Of Hard Knocks where we learned our craft with the gentle guidance of cranky stagehands who humiliated us when we done wrong. Others of us attended more "respectable" schools where we learned the finer points of Technical Theatre science or Recording Engineering, only to get our first job where we learned just how much we still had to learn.

Regardless of where we picked up our craft, Stagehand Tees is taking advantage of the season by offering Free Shipping to all orders over $20!

Now, it's true that many of our T-Shirts are only $15. And we thought about raising the prices by $5 to help you save that $5 on shipping. But that would be silly. So now is your chance to order more than one item or to Request a design on a shirt that is something other than a T-Shirt!

Hurry while the sale lasts! And don't forget ... you need the Promo Code from the banner above to get the sale price!
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