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Hello all, I just joined and I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Chase and I'm 19 and I've been working with all forms of theatre production for 4 years now. I just recently made it big, which I will explain later.

In my career I've gathered a lot of experience mostly in lighting programming and production. I have also done some set design, grip work, and props management.

Currently I'm working in a production of The God of Hell. This will be shown at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Which is where all Broadway shows in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky area are shown. So this is a pretty big deal for me and I just happened to stumble across it, which makes me very happy. For the play I am doing the light design, programming, and production. I'm also doing sound production and set design/construction.

It's amazing to be able to work in such a large and adaptable venue (although I am working on the smallest stage, which is little more then a community theatre stage) and luckily since the director and producer like me a lot I think I may have my career set up right here and now.

Anyways enough of the intro and pointless information. I actually wanted to ask for some advice.

You see I need to write up a resume for a big audition convention coming up. I already have all the information I need and I basically have the final product done. I just want to know from people who have been doing this a while, if there are any secrets or subtleties I should put in. Or if there are any good formats to use. just something simple but certain to attract the eye.

Thanks in advance.
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