joreth (joreth) wrote in techlovers,

Free Shipping on Techie T-Shirts!

Hi there!  You may have already heard of my website but I had to tell ya'll the latest news.  For the entire month of January, Stagehand Tees is offering free shipping on ANYTHING in the Shop!  That includes Custom Designs!  Plus, we just started a new program.  If you send us your email confirmation receipt of purchase, you will be able to VOTE on upcoming Custom Designs to be added to our Shop.

Stagehand Tees offers apparel expressly for the entertainment industry.  Most of our shirts are industry-related, but we have several that are just fun and not strictly entertainment-themed.  You can join the email Newsletter to be notified of new products and other interesting news at  Plus there is a list of resources just for the business, like job-search websites and cool shopping sites for those hard to find inudstry gadgets and tools.

So please come by and take advantage of our Free Shipping this month!

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