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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2:47PM - Работа

Ведение бухгалтерского и налогового учета в полном объеме. Общий режим, УСНО и НКО. Составление налоговых деклараций по налогу на добавленную стоимость, ПФР, налогу на имущество и налогу на прибыль, отчет о прибылях и убытках, баланс. Оформление первичных документов: платежные поручения, кассовые документы, акты, товарные накладные, счета-фактуры. Разработка учетной политики предприятия. Кадровый учет в соответствии с ТК РФ: трудовые договоры, нормативные акты, приказы, штатное расписание. Восстановление первичных документов и учета в целом, сдача уточненных деклараций.
Имею большой опыт ведения бухгалтерии в компаниях (торговля, услуги, транспорт, полиграфия, интернет и прочие) Опыт восстановления запущенной бухгалтерии. Отвечу на все вопросы по финансам, бухгалтерии, налогообложению.
Пишите: mitrich68@mail.ru
или стучитесь в аську: 256 196 144
или в skype: mitrich681

Приглашает ярких неординарных индивидуальностей для создания карьеры в продажах автомобилей.

Вы чувствуете в себе желание и потенциал? Вы умеете побеждать и уверены в своих силах?

Вы привыкли достигать целей и стремитесь к успешной карьере?

Нам с Вами по пути!

Оптовой компании нужен толковый программист-разработчик. 

Мы продаем большими партиями мобильные телефоны и аксессуары к ним. У нас есть офис в центре Москвы (м. Парк Победы) и семь региональных представительств по России (Волгоград, Иркутск, Краснодар, Красноярск, Новосибирск, Омск и Ростов-на-Дону).
В настоящее время открывается офис в Туле, с чем и связано появление этой вакансии.

Доставка корреспонденции и малогабаритных грузов по Москве, в редких случаях Московской области

Пятидневная рабочая неделя, полный рабочий день, в порядке исключения рассматривается индивидуальный график
Оплачивается проезд (метро, наземный транспорт), сотовый телефон
Офис расположен : м.,Третьяковская
Оформление по договору
Оплата: от 15 000 до 18 000 руб. в месяц

Требования к кандидату:
м/ж 18 - 40 лет
Гражданство РФ, ответственность, пунктуальность, исполнительность, порядочность, коммуникабельность.

Обращаться по телефону 9891815


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey, I'm doing a project for my Theatre tech class.
I have to make a poster explaining the inner workings of a Fresnel and a Leko.
I was hoping that someone had a great link or a few pictures that could give me a good idea of what to do!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

2:12PM - Congress to ban companies from hosting events and conferences


Sen. Kerry has introduced legislation that would ban all 421 firms including the nation's largest banks that received money from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) from hosting, sponsoring or paying for conferences, holiday parties and entertainment events.
If passed, I don't need to tell you the profound impact on the business travel industry and the nation's economy it would have. This legislation would not only impact the affected companies it would have a chilling, immediate impact on all companies. This hurts travel managers, hotels, airlines, rental cars, EVERYONE!  It is estimated that without the jobs generated by meetings and conventions unemployment would jump from 7.6% to 8.2! 
We, as entertainment technicians who rely upon the travel and tourist industry to fund our events, must educate Congress on the importance of managed travel and the benefits it brings. NBTA has issued a set of guidelines to the U.S. Treasury for effective managed travel. Travel for meetings and events can be a cost effective tool that help businesses grow. We need to give these real world practices time to work. We can't afford negative news stories to drive Congress to manage travel. We have to make sure our government knows that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


X-Posting -

So - in theatre we're always told that the best way to spend our time in between shows is to "read more plays - read read read plays!"

Here's my question - Where does one get all these new plays that we're supposed to be reading all the time?  Do you all just randomly order handfuls of plays from DPS or Samuel French or whoever else?  Doesn't that get expensive?  Or do you have alternate places to go to read the new things as they come out?

Resources and suggestions welcome - thanks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2:20AM - Last Minute Deal

Hey guys, I just got word that there will be free shipping for all industry-related T-shirts for 3 days only, just in time for the holidays! Here's the link if anyone is interested:


Saturday, August 25, 2007

8:07PM - Theater Forum!

Theater Heaven, a place for theater fans to meet, discuss, chat, get news and so much more.
Broadway, West End, Tours, Off-Broadway, Theater in General.

Come and join!

Doing an audition, need help to pick the perfect song? Share with us and our members and great staff will help you.
Planing a trip to NY need help, don't know what to see? Let us know and well offer some advice.
Get the latest news and updates. Graphics, Contests, Games, Books, Movies, Cast Albums, Cast Changes, Stage Door news/help.
-we also have a Featured Show/Performer of the Week Contest!

Come and Join! Its alot of fun!
We are currently looking for members and affiliates.

Run or know of a theater fan site? Send us an e-mail bwayisamazing@aim.com

Alex- Forum Owner

Monday, August 20, 2007

1:27PM - Free Shipping On Techie T-Shirts!

Click on the banner to go to The Shop!

It's that time of year! When all the parents go broke trying to outfit their kids with all the gadgets and gizmos they absolutely HAVE to have to impress their friends and when all of next season's influx of hopeful techies begin their learning in the higher educational settings.

That's right, it's Back To School Time! Some of us attended the School Of Hard Knocks where we learned our craft with the gentle guidance of cranky stagehands who humiliated us when we done wrong. Others of us attended more "respectable" schools where we learned the finer points of Technical Theatre science or Recording Engineering, only to get our first job where we learned just how much we still had to learn.

Regardless of where we picked up our craft, Stagehand Tees is taking advantage of the season by offering Free Shipping to all orders over $20!

Now, it's true that many of our T-Shirts are only $15. And we thought about raising the prices by $5 to help you save that $5 on shipping. But that would be silly. So now is your chance to order more than one item or to Request a design on a shirt that is something other than a T-Shirt!

Hurry while the sale lasts! And don't forget ... you need the Promo Code from the banner above to get the sale price!


Monday, June 11, 2007

4:21PM - Voices

Whenever I record voices, I get an extremely high frequecy whine throughout the recording.  I have Sony's Soundforge and Acid studio systems.  Is there a way to edit out the topmost frequency in a digital recording?


Thursday, June 7, 2007

7:31AM - Spark effect

Ok so in the production I am doing(the god of hell), the director wants a blue flash whenever Haynes touches anything as well as a sound of electricity. This is because he is heavily charge with static and he shocks everything he touches. Well the director wants this blue flash to flood the stage for only a moment.

To do this I plan to use a single Mini 10 with fully open barn doors, placed at center stage and gelled blue. This is a very small black box thrust stage and shouldn't require much.

Am I commiting some type of sin here by taking this easy step or is it a good idea? If nessecary I can always use two fresnels placed at the back two corners and then soft-link them together, is this a better idea?

Lol I know this isn't a very complex effect and either way will work fine.

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7:30AM - Introduction

Hello all, I just joined and I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Chase and I'm 19 and I've been working with all forms of theatre production for 4 years now. I just recently made it big, which I will explain later.

In my career I've gathered a lot of experience mostly in lighting programming and production. I have also done some set design, grip work, and props management.

Currently I'm working in a production of The God of Hell. This will be shown at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Which is where all Broadway shows in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky area are shown. So this is a pretty big deal for me and I just happened to stumble across it, which makes me very happy. For the play I am doing the light design, programming, and production. I'm also doing sound production and set design/construction.

It's amazing to be able to work in such a large and adaptable venue (although I am working on the smallest stage, which is little more then a community theatre stage) and luckily since the director and producer like me a lot I think I may have my career set up right here and now.

Anyways enough of the intro and pointless information. I actually wanted to ask for some advice.

You see I need to write up a resume for a big audition convention coming up. I already have all the information I need and I basically have the final product done. I just want to know from people who have been doing this a while, if there are any secrets or subtleties I should put in. Or if there are any good formats to use. just something simple but certain to attract the eye.

Thanks in advance.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007


I really need some advice guys.

My theatre is doing Rocky Horror. I need to build the thing that Rocky is born in. I was thinking of making a canvas front because I have the supplies left over from an older set piece. And I was thinking, hey, it makes shadows when back-lit... kills 2 birds with 1 stone. However, I then realized I needed to paint it red.

My question is... if I paint the canvas red, will it still make shadows when back-lit? or would it require a special kind of paint or something?

I'm trying to build every set piece as cheap as possible by re-using old ones if possible.
However, if I need to buy special paint I guess I have to.


I really need some advice guys.

My theatre is doing Rocky Horror. I need to build the thing that Rocky is born in. I was thinking of making a canvas front because I have the supplies left over from an older set piece. And I was thinking, hey, it makes shadows when back-lit... kills 2 birds with 1 stone. However, I then realized I needed to paint it red.

My question is... if I paint the canvas red, will it still make shadows when back-lit? or would it require a special kind of paint or something?

I'm trying to build every set piece as cheap as possible by re-using old ones if possible.
However, if I need to buy special paint I guess I have to.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

7:18PM - Falstaff

I've got the opportunity to LD Falstaff in about a month.  That's kinda cool, but I don't know anything about lighting an opera.  Is it basically the same as musical theatre?  Does anyone in this community have any experience lighting an opera?



Hello. I've never posted in this community before.

My name is Dan. I work with the East Providence Community Theatre in EP, RI.

We're doing a production of Rocky Horror and I need some advice.

For Eddie's scene, the director has chosen to have hom come out of a soda machine as opposed to a freezer. How could I go about building a soda machine cheaply and possibly make it so it can be broken down and rebuilt in seconds (the doors to the backstage are kinda small). We need the door in the front to split up the middle and I would like to have a lit sign and frosty air and all that.

We also need an idea as to how to build the control panel. or "3.. more.. doritos!" (for you Rocky Fans).

any advice?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5:09PM - fog machines

We have 6 fog machines that are mounted above head height in a room with a ceiling at 7'6" for a dinner theater. I'm looking for an easier way to refill the fog machines with some sort of pump. We've tried a manual pump that takes way too much time and effort.

Any ideas? Thanks?



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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4:57PM - Stagehand Newsletter coming out!

The next Stagehand Tees Newsletter will be sent out in the next few days, so make sure you sign up for it at www.stagehandtees.com/newsletter.html. It may take a day or two to process your request, so do it soon in order to get the next newsletter!

This issue will include the latest T-Shirt winner, some of the industry's latest breaking news, and an article about What You Should Know On Your First Gig including valuable tips on jobsite etiquette and tricks of the trade!

Repost this bulletin and pass this along so all your industry buddies can take advantage of it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

12:42PM - Cry for Help, Updated

OK, here are the new details about this years show.
The next rehearsal is Jan. 28th, after that is Super Bowl Sunday with an afternoon rehearsal (Bowl party to follow) then the ball gets rolling Feb 11th and every Sunday till show weekend. (except Easter weekend)
Now, Tech does not need to attend every rehearsal, I can be your 'go-between' and pass along info. Rehearsals in May, Tech Day, and Show weekend are the mandatory days. I can provide crashing space on the weekends for those who live outside Oak Park & Elmwood Park.
I'm still looking for a sound person and lighting person.
Here's a few more details about the job for those who are seriously interested. Both the Sound and Lighting people will have to provide the equipment needed for good sound and proper lighting. It's a lot to ask but you can talk with our Director about how to do get some of the rental fee back via your Tax return. Tech folk will also have to put together their own tech script. If advice is needed for this I have someone you can talk to.
We are a fun bunch of people. We love what we do and it benefits a
great school/parish, St. William. Good times had by all!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

11:21PM - Books?

I'm a high school senior looking for any good books, particularly on Stage Design or Stage Managing, but I'm interested on reading up on everything except for costuming. Let me know what you've found most helpful.


(X-posted like crazy)

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

5:17PM - Free Shipping on Techie T-Shirts!

Hi there!  You may have already heard of my website http://www.stagehandtees.com but I had to tell ya'll the latest news.  For the entire month of January, Stagehand Tees is offering free shipping on ANYTHING in the Shop!  That includes Custom Designs!  Plus, we just started a new program.  If you send us your email confirmation receipt of purchase, you will be able to VOTE on upcoming Custom Designs to be added to our Shop.

Stagehand Tees offers apparel expressly for the entertainment industry.  Most of our shirts are industry-related, but we have several that are just fun and not strictly entertainment-themed.  You can join the email Newsletter to be notified of new products and other interesting news at http://www.stagehandtees.com/newsletter.html.  Plus there is a list of resources just for the business, like job-search websites and cool shopping sites for those hard to find inudstry gadgets and tools.

So please come by http://www.stagehandtees.com and take advantage of our Free Shipping this month!

Friday, January 5, 2007

11:41PM - Cry for help

I am part of a theater group that does a yearly show and have done very well over the last 22 years. Unfortunately, the two guys who have helped us the past 4 years are unable to help this year. 
SO! Anyone out there with Lighting and Sound experience, who doesn't mind working for free, Please contact me as soon as you can for more details. Also check out the link below for more info on the group and the new show. If anyone IS interested and is available this Sunday, Jan 7th, there is kick-off meeting regarding the show which is May 18-19.
We are a fun group of people that love to entertain. 
:)  -Kate-

 Http://community.webtv.net/HarlemNights4/THEHARLEMNIGHTS - The link to the site if you would like to know more

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